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Philipp Polder is a multidisciplinary designer, webdeveloper and consultant specializing in unconventional online presences.

Information Architecture, Digital Communication Strategy, Content Management System Customization (Sanity), Technical Consultation, Front End Development (NextJS, React), E-Commerce Solutions, Localization, UX Design, Interaction/Web Design, Corporate Identities, Branding, Editorial Design, Art Direction

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Squama Recordings


Design and Development of Squama Recordings' website and online store. The core motif of interplay between the label's visuals, a strict grid with minimalistic typography and striking overlays is repeated throughout the site.


Different modes and modals can be layered to create interesting collages and interplay of various content pieces.

The responsive layout adapts to the size and capabilites of the device

The store is present at the bottom of all relevant pages and has dynamic filters, that will show related products where appropriate